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Aren’t They Supposed to be Helping?

04 Sep

I’m angry right now so this might not be a very rational post but to start with, let me explain why I’ve not posted for a while. Two weeks ago I lost a very important man in my life; my granddad died. He was a kind and amazing gentleman who was a father figure to me growing up and he will be dearly missed by many, myself included.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have family in America. Obviously with our sad news, they were over for the funeral (which was on Tuesday just gone). As people do at these times, we were trying to spend as much time together as possible which meant me, my mum, step dad and brother were travelling about 1 1/2 hrs to be with the family. My brother was only home for 4 days so it wasn’t long (he lives in America).

Now with that background, I spoke to my therapist about missing group on Monday (day before the funeral) and next Monday (the day the rest of my family were going back to America). Not only did I want to say goodbye myself but I know how much my mum will struggle and feel I should be there for her (it’s her sister going back). Apparently my therapist took this back to the committee and was told no, it wasn’t extenuating circumstances and I needed to attend. I had missed the previous two group sessions as one I was in hospital and the second was when my granddad was dying and my birthday which I wanted to spend with him. There is a rule saying if you miss 4 in a row then you will be asked to leave the group and can not re-enter for a year. How can this not be seen as extenuating circumstances?

So that’s the first thing I’m angry at. I had to sit in a group that I hate anyway, getting upset because all my family were together and I wanted to be with them.

Next and the thing that has just happened today is about my medication. After my last admission to hospital, I was given nitrazepam to help with sleep. It was for 3 nights only per week to stop any addiction forming. This has helped me, it’s given me some sleep pretty much every other night and so I’ve been able to deal with the sleepless ones in between.

Today when I called my care coordinator to get back in to see her since my granddad died, I was told my GP has asked for a review of these meds. I explained my point, how I used them and that I’d prefer them to stay this way for a while longer. I got a call back to tell me between my psychiatrist and GP, they’ve decided I will be reduced from 3 to 2 nights worth for a month and then to 1 nights worth for a month and then stopped completely. I really don’t understand the logic behind doing this 2 weeks after I’ve lost someone very close to me. Surely they could have put this off for another couple of weeks.

It just feels like the people/system that is supposed to be helping me is actually causing me more issues right now and I don’t know whether to just ask to be discharged from everything.