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20 Mar

This post is purely about facts – were things handled correctly, should any thing have been done differently?

I was suicidal, so I took some sleeping tablets and I was driving to the place I was going to do it so when I saw a motorway bridge and decided that’d be a good place to jump. It was midnight & so the motorway was quiet enough to have long stretches with no traffic so noone else would be involved.

I stood there, I have no idea how long for, just staring over the bridge, knowing this was it.

Then a police van turned up, asked me why I was there. I couldn’t answer through the tears and cold. They asked me if I’d be willing to sit in the van to warm up a little as I was shaking. I agreed.

They asked for my details, I gave them – no reason not to and asked if I’d been drinking – I said no. After doing a check on me and my vehicle, it was decided that it’d be best for me to go to hospital. I went in the police van and one of the policemen drove my car. Whilst he was driving, I took the rest of the tablets but he heard the packet, stopped the van and asked what I was doing – I told him they were anti-anxiety tablets and he got back in the van & continued to hospital.

When I arrived at hospital they walked me in and then left me there.

The triage nurse called me in and was lovely. She asked if I’d been drinking, I said no. She asked if I’d taken any drugs and so I showed her the packets and said whatever was missing, I had taken.

She told me the psych liaison team were in the department and she’d she if they were available. I was put in a small room and left for half an hour whilst they got ready to see me. It was the usual crisis team questions; tell me what happened in the lead up to you being here, how are you feeling now etc. I asked to go home, they accepted it and off I went.

Today I had a voicemail from my cc saying she’d seen I’d been at a&e and if I wanted to speak to her then call or speak to duty. I called her pretty much straight back (around 2.30pm) but she was busy and duty wouldn’t speak to me whilst my own cc was in the office. I left my name and number and asked for a call back, but nothing.

All in all, do you think this has all been handled correctly, anything wrong, right etc?

** UPDATE** When I originally wrote this, I wanted to see what people thought others roles were in the events that took place. Some people have asked for their response to be private so I won’t be giving specifics. But I also wanted to write it without emotion and then add this bit on to say how I felt I was handled. To say I have tweeted both the hospital and police department to say thankyou for how they helped me that night pretty much explains my point of view. The police did exactly what they needed to and never once made me feel stupid or a waste of time. The same can be said about the triage nurse and the liaison team (2 of them).

I guess the problem came with me answering their questions, they can only go on what I said and I knew the questions well enough to know what answers to give to get out of there as quickly as possible!

My cc called me back this morning and by 1pm, one of the home treatment team were here as a referral.


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  1. Jennifer James

    March 20, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    Honestly? I think you’re just about being caught by the emergency safety net and it’s very worrying. You shouldn’t be in this situation – the gang rape should have never, NEVER have happened. I want to live in a world where it doesn’t.

    I want you to know that there are millions of people fighting for you and call these gangs to account. I want you to know that – although to a few men you were worthless – to the rest of the world THEY are disgusting and beneath contempt whereas YOU are BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS and we are PROUD of you.

    JJ xxx

    • femaleptsd

      March 21, 2013 at 7:59 pm

      Those are such nice words, thankyou so much x

  2. monstiegirl

    March 20, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Firstly and most importantly, I am so sorry you are feeling so low to contemplate suicide. I am very glad you are safe and hope you will call the crisis team if you need to overnight.

    You are precious and you are not alone. Talk to your twitter friends. Email me if you want to talk to someone who understands your pain.

    To answer your question, I am surprised that the police didn’t ask if you had taken drugs or had any drugs or alcohol on your person and if you answered yes, then they should have taken them from you. A strict interpretation of your events says you self-harmed while in their care. Taking you to a&e was great but they didn’t cover all their bases so to speak.

    I am surprised they didn’t take bloods at the hospital but maybe the quantity and type of med indicated you hadn’t overdosed on a drug that would cause harm. Not sure I would take the word of a suicidal patient without checking bloods however. I know when I have overdosed that I say whatever people need to hear to get them out of my way.

    The triage nurse sounded very kind and getting psych to review you was right thing to do. Not sure you should have been allowed home by psych without a proper home treatment review in place. Standing on a motorway bridge contemplating jumping over is pretty serious stuff. Plus, you arent exactly safe driving or even walking with a bunch of sleeping pills in you.

    Your care coordinator should have made sure she returned your call today to ensure you were ok. Sorry to hear she hasn’t.

    That’s my view. But what’s important here is you. I hope you are feeling safer now. If not, please ask for help. You’re stronger than you think and are worth so much more than you believe. Much love xxxx

    • femaleptsd

      March 21, 2013 at 7:59 pm

      Thanks for your reply. I agree with everything you said and I guess in a perfect world all those things would have happened 🙂 But the way I’ve been treated at a&e before, I guess I’m just grateful for being treated like a human being x

  3. Lyndalee Dustycress (@southpawokpoet)

    March 20, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    I’m proud for you that you spoke to the police and let them help you, I don’t think you sahould had been left alone,I think they could have talked to you more. Who am I to say.I’m proud for you tho